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Power BrainBrew™Power BrainBrew™Stimulates your brain in two areas. PROVEN ENERGIZER! A real punch on first infusion! No Crash!
Hibiscus BrainBrew™Hibiscus BrainBrew™Very fruity and slightly tart. Brews up a little pink! Lots of vitamin C. Helps lower blood pressure, reduces high cholesterol. Good with anti-aging, weight loss, and helps removes toxins.
Echinacea BrainBrew™Echinacea BrainBrew™Echinacea is a natural antibiotic and boosts the immune system. Great for relieving colds and infections!
St. John's Wort BrainBrew™ (**SEE DISCLAIMER**)St. John's Wort BrainBrew™ (**SEE DISCLAIMER**)Helps with mild to moderate depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders. Tough Stuff.
White Chocolate BrainBrew™White Chocolate BrainBrew™With white chocolate and oatstraw - earthy but smooth. The white chocolate (local yummy white chocolate from Foggy's Chocolate) has 4 times the antioxidants of tea, oatstraw helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and also helps with libido.
Canterbury BrainBrew™Canterbury BrainBrew™Our signature BrainBrew� blend for the Historic Canterbury Hotel Indianapolis! With a smidge of black tea and mango. We have blended 17 Signature Teas just for the Canterbury.
Gamer BrainBrew™Gamer BrainBrew™NOT just for your inner nerd|gaming enthusiast! (We created this one originally during GenCon) Delicious pineapple, papaya, and cinnamon, plus a smidge of beautiful Chinese green tea ... Great for memory and has lots of vitamin C and polyphenols
Essiac BrainBrew™ALL the ingredients in the Essiac Green Tea PLUS the benefits of BrainBrew(TM) - energy without the crash, stress relief, helps reduce anxiety, great coffee substitute. Contains sheep sorrell and slippery elm bark powder - counteracts metals in the body and rebuilds the immune system, particularly after cancer treatments. Wonderful for cleansing toxins from the kidneys and the liver.
Laurie's Pumpkin Pie BrainBrew™Laurie's Pumpkin Pie BrainBrew™Inspired by Laurie, a sweet and Godly woman! If you like our Pumpkin Chai, this is a good blend to try ... A little less spicy but very warm and cozy, deliciously good with cream and sugar.
Sam's Earl Grey BrainBrew™Sam's Earl Grey BrainBrew™Bergamot tea added, helps stomach, cough, fever and cold. Very very robust! Strong cuppa!
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