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Power BrainBrew™Power BrainBrew™Stimulates your brain in two areas. PROVEN ENERGIZER! A real punch on first infusion! No Crash!
Hibiscus BrainBrew™Hibiscus BrainBrew™Very fruity and slightly tart. Brews up a little pink! Lots of vitamin C. Helps lower blood pressure, reduces high cholesterol. Good with anti-aging, weight loss, and helps removes toxins.
Lemon BrainBrew™Lemon BrainBrew™Full of lemongrass and lemon verbena with a distinctive yummy lemon zest! In addition to tasting great, lemon grass and lemon verbena both help reduce fever and aid the digestive tract. Lemon grass also helps to reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol.
Echinacea BrainBrew™Echinacea BrainBrew™Echinacea is a natural antibiotic and boosts the immune system. Great for relieving colds and infections!
St. John's Wort BrainBrew™ (**SEE DISCLAIMER**)St. John's Wort BrainBrew™ (**SEE DISCLAIMER**)Helps with mild to moderate depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders. Tough Stuff.
White Chocolate BrainBrew™White Chocolate BrainBrew™With white chocolate and oatstraw - earthy but smooth. The white chocolate (local yummy white chocolate from Foggy's Chocolate) has 4 times the antioxidants of tea, oatstraw helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and also helps with libido.
Canterbury BrainBrew™Canterbury BrainBrew™Our signature BrainBrew� blend for the Historic Canterbury Hotel Indianapolis! With a smidge of black tea and mango. We have blended 17 Signature Teas just for the Canterbury.
Gamer BrainBrew™Gamer BrainBrew™NOT just for your inner nerd|gaming enthusiast! (We created this one originally during GenCon) Delicious pineapple, papaya, and cinnamon, plus a smidge of beautiful Chinese green tea ... Great for memory and has lots of vitamin C and polyphenols
Essiac BrainBrew™ALL the ingredients in the Essiac Green Tea PLUS the benefits of BrainBrew(TM) - energy without the crash, stress relief, helps reduce anxiety, great coffee substitute. Contains sheep sorrell and slippery elm bark powder - counteracts metals in the body and rebuilds the immune system, particularly after cancer treatments. Wonderful for cleansing toxins from the kidneys and the liver.
Laurie's Pumpkin Pie BrainBrew™Laurie's Pumpkin Pie BrainBrew™Inspired by Laurie, a sweet and Godly woman! If you like our Pumpkin Chai, this is a good blend to try ... A little less spicy but very warm and cozy, deliciously good with cream and sugar.
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