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Joint & De-Tox Brain Brew™Joint & De-Tox Brain Brew™Created after I woke up one morning with terrible joint pain in my legs! If you use this for a detox, drink 3-4 cups daily for 10 continuous days ... Then stop for the remainder of the month Start again the next month. Just keep doing this.
Mango BrainBrew™Mango BrainBrew™ Mango has been claimed go help slow the progression of DIABETES by helping to heal blood vessels around the pancreas. Also aids in treating hypertension. WOW!
Tea Infuser - 2 for $25Tea Infuser - 2 for $25You definitely need at least one infuser for home and the other for work! It would be a shame to miss brewing our great tea if you've forgotten your infuser somewhere ....
Manny's Roasted Mate n Chestnuts BrainBrew™Manny's Roasted Mate n Chestnuts BrainBrew™Deep roasted mat� fully of nutty flavor - "A man's tea!"
Beethoven's BrainBrew™Beethoven's BrainBrew™Yerba Mat�, dark chocolate, oat straw, hibiscus, rose hips, apple, Roobios, orange, and a smidge of black tea
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