Amanda's Strawberry BrainBrew™
Amanda's Strawberry BrainBrew™
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Amanda's Strawberry BrainBrew™ mmmm ... Real strawberries added to base of mate and chocolate. Dextoxifiers in strawberries help rid toxins. Hollywood and grocery store novels leave no doubt about the perfect Valentine's Day: a tall, dark, and handsome suitor presents you with a huge bouquet of fragrant long-stemmed roses and a plate of exquisite dark chocolate covered strawberries and then proceeds to win your heart with erudite candlelit conversation. You've had this experience, haven't you? Right, neither have I. Once I got a nice bunch of lilies and a jar of very fine olives from a guitar player. I thought that was promising so I went ahead and married him. TeaPots n Treasures can't vouch for the looks or romantic sensibilities of your companions, but we can tell you that if you've chosen Amanda's Strawberry BrainBrew™ for your cup of tea things might just fall into place with the rest of the scenario. We start with a base of black and yerba mate teas, which stimulate the brain and increase energy. Next, we add layers of richly flavored strawberries, deepened with dark chocolate, and finished with a hint of rose. Add a little sugar or honey to your mug to sweeten and bring out the flavors, and who knows what might happen.
"A true companion is loving all the time." ~ Proverbs 17:17

Internationally known for yummy gourmet healthy hand blended loose teas

"For where your treasure is,
there will your heart be also"

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