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What is Yerba Matѐ?

Matѐ is a green tea made from the dried leaves of "flex paraguariensis" - an evergreen shrub in the holly family that grows in Central & South America. Matѐ
 (pronounced mah-tay) is most abundant in Paraguay, where it has been the drink of the Guarani Indians for centuries. It is used as a traditional treatment for everything from fatigue to appetite control, repairing damaged gastrointestinal tissues, to strengthening a weakened immune system, to helping as a natural anti-depressant by reducing stress. And so much more! It's one of nature's superfoods (drinks!)

What does Yerba Matѐ do?

Matѐ revives the Nervous System and helps calm the mind. It is often used in South America as a natural anti-depressant. As well as, used for children to balance temperaments. Matѐ is a help for fatigue, mental sharpness, and aids digestion. Matѐ contains natural caffeine, mateine, thought to be just like caffeine ....but without jitteriness or the crash of caffeine! And, although it's a proven energizer, it also helps with insomnia.
Matѐ is used in South America as a catalyst in may herbal preparations ... and now finally catching on in America!

How do I infuse BrainBrew? ... and, by the way, what does "infuse" mean?

Pour Over | Steep | Soak Penetrate the leaves Infuse is just having the tea steep in water. Never dunk (as in a tea bag!) Pour the water over the leaves and let the water sit in the leaves. Use GOOD WATER at 180 degrees ~ Not Boiling! that's just when the bubbles are coming up from the bottom of the pot! Watch our "Brew Basics" on Youtube "TeaPots n Treasures"

How do I decide what to purchase?

It depends on what you need! Do you have a particular ailment? ... Or just simply want to try the BrainBrewBold BrainBrew™ is probably our most popular,  Joint & DeTox is great to drink for ten days straight, and then stop for a month, then 10 days again! Kids really like our Joy's Blueberry BrainBrew, and the Cardamom is a great double whammy for indigestion issues. Peppermint is also good for the tummy. Hormonal BrainBrew  is super for those hot flashes and frontal lobe headaches. Catnip Brain Brew™ is extremely safe and great as a natural anti-inflammatory/antifungal. Suffer with arthritis and migraines? Strawberry BrainBrew  does wonders and just tastes good!

What is the purpose of the dark chocolate in the BrainBrew?

Medicinal, of course! It's good for your heart, your brain, full of antioxidants, helps control blood sugar, plus high in vitamins and minerals. Need we say more? Now all you chocolate lovers have the perfect excuse! Be sure to eat a bite of good healthy dark chocolate as you sip one of our BrainBrew teas!

How do I know if the yerba matѐ is really working?

Simply stop drinking it for a week and see what happens! We are quite sure, you will begin drinking our tea again! Plus, you will want to order even more and share it with all your loved ones!

Is it difficult to drink?

Absolutely not! Matѐ has a naturally organic earthy taste. Just place it in an infuser (we recommend ours!), pour "non-boiling" good water over the tea leaves, steep about 2 minutes and drink up! Need it sweeter? Add a little stevia leaf (we sell this too!) on top of your matѐ
for a natural sweetness or add some delicious honey.

How many cups do I need to drink to see begin seeing results?

People tell us about 2-3 cups. Others say they drink it all day long during the week. Even the die hard coffee drinkers have exchanged our tea for their daily dose of caffeine!

Can I give it to the rest of my family?

Yes, but for small children not too frequently.
Re use your leaves, get ALL the benefits!

Re use your leaves, get ALL the benefits!

How many pots will I get from one bag?

If using our deep infuser, we recommend two level tsp per mug (Re-use the same leaves 6-7 times). If making an entire pot, fill the infuser just shy 1/3 full, steep for approximately 2 minutes for the 1st infusion, and a little longer with each (6-7) infusions later. The first infusion is the one that it filled with mateine. The latter infusions are "mateine/caffeine free"
** You can typically get about 50- 70 cups of tea if you follow the instructions carefully!
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