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Hot Flash BrainBrew™Hot Flash BrainBrew™Relieve your anxiety and drink BrainBrew�
Tea InfuserTea InfuserFine Mesh Stainless Steel Infuser - Fits nicely in a mug or teapot. Pour (almost boiling) good water (for our BrainBrews!) over all the tea leaves and let steep ....
Apple Cinnamon BrainBrew™Apple Cinnamon BrainBrew™Has matѐ con palo, meaning with the twigs of the yerba mate plant. More earthy but also tart, combines well with the tart apples and spicy cinnamon.
Bold BrainBrew™Bold BrainBrew™Healthy base of Yerba Mat� with Dark Chocolate and exotic black tea, and numerous other botanicals such as, honeybush, rose hips, hibiscus, orange peels, raspberries, apple & vanilla beans
My Diet BrainBrew™My Diet BrainBrew™�He has shown kindness by giving you rain from heaven & crops in their seasons; He provides you with plenty of food & fills your hearts with joy.� Acts 14:17
Papaw's Arthritis BrainBrew™Papaw's Arthritis BrainBrew™Relieves pain and inflammation, has calendula petals, feverfew, & white willow bark. Great for not only ARTHRITIS, but also cramps, headaches, soreness. Reduces joint swelling and brings down fever.
Vanilla BrainBrew™Vanilla BrainBrew™Mild and cozy
The Happy Box! {10 BrainBrew™ Samples}The Happy Box! {10  BrainBrew™ Samples}Get healthy and enjoy 10 of our most popular BrainBrews� - Be happy!
Cinnamon BrainBrew™Cinnamon BrainBrew™Cinnamon affects the blood sugar levels of diabetics - in recent studies. Scientists tested the effect of cinnamon on 60 Type II diabetics. By the end of the study, cinnamon had reduced the participants� blood sugar levels up to 29%, increased insulin production, & lowered cholesterol. In a 2007 study, 83% of participants experienced a notable drop in their fasting blood sugar levels while taking cinnamon (down almost 8%).
Ginger BrainBrew™Ginger BrainBrew™Ginger pieces, cinnamon, and oh so good for a cold or flu ... This tea is soooo good for you!
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