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Christmas Brain Brew™Christmas Brain Brew™This will warm you up and relieve the stress of the holiday season! Has cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, and a little pepper - almost a chai.
Knopp's Cherry n Sore Throat BrainBrew™Knopp's Cherry n Sore Throat BrainBrew™With wild cherry bark to relieve sore throat and cough, plus yerba mate and dark chocolate for a nice energy boost and stress relief to help you feel better sooner!
Hoosier BrainBrew™Hoosier BrainBrew™Signature BrainBrew� blend for the Indiana State Museum! With blueberries and raspberries.
Cozy Red Cinnamon Chocolate BrainBrew™Cozy Red Cinnamon Chocolate BrainBrew™Great for warding off holiday stress and anxiety, perfect for helping with concentration & focus at school and work!
Pomegranate BrainBrew™Pomegranate BrainBrew™Pomegranate, raspberries, a little Chinese green tea - Deliciously fruity and energizing. Inspired by the ever-popular "Layla's Pomegranate Raspberries n Green Tea"
Peppermint BrainBrew™Peppermint BrainBrew™Great for relaxation, & soothing your stomach. indigestion.
Karen's BrainBrew™Karen's BrainBrew™This is the first BrainBrew � Donna created! Lots of vanilla and fruit.
CatNip BrainBrew™ - The Migraine TeaCatNip BrainBrew™ - The Migraine TeaCatnip is extremely safe, used as an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, muscle relaxer, and fever reducer. It is great with colic, rids body of toxins, migraines, arthritis, RA, and those nasty menstrual cramps. A wonderful support for the digestive system *not recommended for pregant tea drinkers
My Diet BrainBrew™My Diet BrainBrew™ Green tea, strawberry leaves, juniper berries, and rhubarb - All of which help flush excess water from the body, suppress the appetite, and re-regulate the metabolism ... contributing to weight loss!
Oatstraw n Nettles BrainBrew™Oatstraw n Nettles BrainBrew™{Oat straw} Antidepressant, boosts immune system, relieves nervous exhaustion and panic attacks, helps with anxiety, hyperactivity, builds the bones, reduces blood pressure and cholesterol, good for the libido {Nettles} Contain minerals, amino acids, flavonol glycosides pheolic acids to help anemia, heavy menstrual bleeding, arthritis, gout, rheumatism, allergies, reduces prostate enlargement
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