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Bio of The Indianapolis Tea Company

Bio of The Indianapolis Tea Company

Welcome to TeaPots n Treasures™ 
In early 2002, a sweet girlfriend, daughter, and my Mom started me with a beautiful collection of teapots. I really had no intention of collecting teapots ... they just decided I needed to start this particular collection! I only had 2 teapots to my name! Over the years I often used whatever container I needed for whatever infusion I was concocting. Most of you know that I had no intention of selling tea either!
In fact, when I opened my shoppe (with the help of dear friends) at the end of the Avenue, I brewed up parsley & alfalfa tea to help with my anemia, and offered it to some my customers. Isn't that the polite thing to do? One thing led to another ... and I started out creating 5 different teas

Want to hear the "rest of the story?"  Invite me to your next women's group, church, library, society, and I will tell you how
TeaPots n Treasures™  became what it is today! My testimony is truly an adventure, literally God moved hour by hour in showing me what to do.

{ Simply AMAZING }

In December 2007, we were blessed with a fab new location in Downtown Indianapolis, on Market Street - just off the Circle. Our tea shoppe was a hit! The foot traffic was unbelievable! What a great cozy / friendly city the city of Indianapolis is! Then the BrainBrews™ 
 were created .... Later, in early January 2008, a sweet friend named Karen called and asked me to make a tea for a support group at Community North Hospital for friends suffering with Bipolar Disorder. My initial response was I didn't think I could do something like that, but upon further investigation and consulting with a dear customer friend, Dr. Mark Knopp, I decided that the Lord will give me just the right recipe. So ... that's how this BrainBrew™ 
 series of teas came about! I really wasn't clever enough to come up with the name ... My original thought was something like "Mental Balance" ~ kinda dorky, huh? Now we are situated in Cumberland, IN just 20 minutes east of Indianapolis.

BrainBrews™  it is.
We now have an entire line of Brain Brews™ 

 and the eclectic list just keeps growing! TeaPots n Treasures™ 
 always has a BrainBrew™ 
 brewing for a complimentary cuppa in the shoppe.

Taste our teas! Do you have a testimony about how our Brain Brew™ 
tea has helped you? I, personally, have been blessed immensely by each and every story! Email me (Donna) at donna@teapots4u.com and tell me your story!

Our shoppe has over 900 blends of teas! There is always several hot pots on!
Here is birthday group that celebrated with a Tea Education Class and goodies.
Hot Flash BrainBrew™ was the most popular tea that night! Want your own private class? Call me!

Internationally known for yummy gourmet healthy hand blended loose teas

"For where your treasure is,
there will your heart be also"

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