Cinnamon BrainBrew™
Cinnamon BrainBrew™
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Oh is this BrainBrew™ great iced! ... and quite a crowd pleaser!
Promotes blood sugar levels, body composition, blood pressure & antioxidant levels.

One of the most popular carminatives is chamomile, with a long history as a calming herb and is used to reduce intestinal cramps & the abdominal pain caused by colic. A tea made from chamomile or other carminatives including vervain, licorice, fennel, and lemon balm may provide relief to infants with colic. In a recent study, a half a cup of tea was administered each time a colic episode occurred up to three times a day.
Hyssop, another carminative herb, has a mild sedative effect that could also be helpful in reducing the symptoms of colic.
Additional gas-relieving herbs including yarrow, garden anglica, cinnamon, and fumitor may also be administered as teas to help relieve the pain and symptoms associated with colic. See our other web site for more chamomile based teas:

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